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Our products are accurately organised according to criteria such as thickness, cut, quality and colour. Customers are welcomed directly by our warehouse staff for retail sales. A specific interlocutor informs the customer in real time of the state of progress of orders.

The company warehouse always has leather available for immediate sale in quantities ranging from 1 piece up to 200 sq. m. in every colour. The wide range of articles allows for the selection of different types of leather, to be used for the most adequate product from a quality point of view.

“Conceria Zabri has always been specialised in the processing of bovine splits that are subsequently transformed into leather suede, refined and other high quality articles, perfectly customised according to specific requirements”.

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The warehouse of finished products maintains a constant stock of leather thanks to ongoing automatic storage, with an extremely large assortment of hides, splits, suede and articles ready to be despatched within 24/48 hours.

“I prodotti sono organizzati accuratamente secondo criteri di spessore, taglia, qualità e colore. Il cliente viene accolto direttamente dal personale di magazzino per la vendita al dettaglio” .

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