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About us

History and Tradition

In more than 50 years, Conceria Zabri has always remained loyal to its market and its objectives as a leading company in the field of suede products.
Over the years the company has continuously improved its level of competitiveness by adapting to market changes and challenges that, by its very nature, is constantly changing.

Selection of
raw materials

Quality and Competence

Zabri has huge quantities of raw materials, semi-processed and finished products. This provides its customers with a high level of supply assurance even in turbulent market phases. Deliveries are always very quick and accurate without any risk of interruptions, including large orders.
The selection and preparation of raw materials for the subsequent processing phases is very accurate and always focused on the diversified requirements of fashion articles of customers.

Conceria Zabri has always been loyal to its objectives, becoming a leader in suede manufacturing.


Green Objectives

Conceria Zabri is part of a pilot project of companies selected on an international level and is therefore one of the very few tanneries that has reached the progressive level of the ZDHC protocol. The correct management of substances for the tanning field aims at achieving zero emission of dangerous substances into the wastewater. One of our main goals is to become a model for the entire fashion pipeline: improving environmental efficiency of our supply chain by using safer chemical substances to protect people and our planet.

Conceria Zabri’s goal is to work in accordance with the highest possible quality standards in order to leave a clean environment for future generations.


Standards and Criteria